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Lake Braies


Idyllic Lake Braies nestles at the foot of the towering, majestic peaks of Sasso del Signore, Croda del Becco and Monte Nero.

Covering an area of 31 hectares and with a maximum depth of 36 metres, the lake is in the northern part of the Fanes-Senes-Braies Natural Park. 

Once you have seen the beauty of the alpine peaks reflected in its emerald green water, you will realise why it deserves to be called the "Pearl of the Dolomite Lakes"!

The lake was created by a series of landslides, with scree from the Sasso del Signore forming a natural dam. 

Legend has it that there is a gateway to the underworld at the southern end of the lake. Apparently, at the point where the Croda del Becco massif looms over Lake Braies, travellers by boat can enter the underground kingdom of the Fanes. Not surprisingly, the Croda del Becco is also known as "Sass dla Porta", or "Door of Stone".

Un Passo dal cielo


Lake Braies featured in the Italian TV series “Un Passo dal Cielo” (One Step From Heaven) with Terence Hill.

Lake Braies is a wonderful natural spectacle in both summer and winter. In summer, it is the starting point for many excursions. If you hike up one of the nearby mountains, you will be rewarded with a fantastic view of the lake. But even if you follow the lovely path around the water, you will feel you can almost touch the sharp peaks of the Dolomites. Other delightful activities to enjoy during summer are the three rock-climbing walls and the boat hire services on the lake shore.

Every winter, Lake Braies freezes over completely, providing skaters with a perfect icy surface, where they have fun and enjoy the peaceful white world around them. Other delightful activities include curling, known as "ice stock sport" in its more traditional form! More intrepid visitors can attempt one of the ice climbing walls and push themselves to the limit.

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