The Dolomites of Braies: hiking, MTB, skiing, cross-country skiing and more!

Enjoying nature all year round

People are constantly looking for places where they can experience something really special:
panoramic views, sun-kissed meadows, imposing peaks, the happiness of being at the summit at any time of the day, and hikes with stunning mountain scenery. There are so many memorable adventures to be had in the Dolomites, whether it's hiking to Lake Braies, MTB rides, or days out skiing ...

Lake Braies

Lake Braies


When the weather is milder, a visit to the most beautiful lake in the Dolomites is definitely worth the effort. This mountain lake is not suitable for swimming as the water is far too cold. Instead, you can spread out a nice soft picnic blanket and relax on the lake shore. Or else you can walk around the lake, or rent a traditional rowing boat. N.B.: during the peak season Lake Braies gets very crowded. It's best to visit it during the week, either before 9:00 a.m. or after 3:00 p.m. Also, please pay attention to the information provided when you arrive.

Climbing by Lake Braies


The nearest climbing wall is about a 30-minute walk east of Lake Braies, and offers more than 15 routes at different levels of difficulty, from 2 to 7b+. Daring climbers can also try their hand at ice climbing during the winter.

Ice climbing in Braies
Lake Braies in winter

The magic of winter at Lake Braies


Lake Braies is a wonderful sight in winter as well as summer. When conditions are right in winter, the lake freezes over, forming a thick layer of ice on which people go skating or practise curling. Yes, the Canadian national sport has also become popular in South Tyrol. Indeed, the International Curling Cup is held here every year.

Hikes & Excursions

Maite Springs Trail

1:45 h | 6.3 km | Easy | Departure from the Turmchalet Hotel

Did you know that around 60% of the drinking water in South Tyrol comes from mountain springs? On this pleasant themed path, you can discover lots of interesting facts about our most precious resource: water.

Alta Via of the Croda Rossa d'Ampezzo at Braies

6 h | 12.1 km | Difficult | Departure from Hotel Brückele

This picturesque High Trail offers some breathtaking views of the local Dolomites, including the famous Tre Cime or the nearby Picco di Vallandro. The route involves hiking across meadows, gravel, rocky slopes and red scree under the Piccola Croda Rossa. The more exposed sections are secured with ropes, but shouldn't present a problem for experienced, sure-footed hikers.

Hike on the Picco di Vallandro

4:30 h | 9 km | Difficult | Departure from the Prato Piazza car park

The landscape is particularly impressive when all the autumn colours are on display. The mild temperatures, clear views and vibrant scenery guarantee a great feeling of freedom when you reach the summit. The path is always exposed to the sun, and takes you through some rocky but easily navigable terrain. At the end, there is a short protected section (optional) leading up to the summit cross, from where you have a stunning view of the Tre Cime, Monte Cristallo, the Tofane and many other famous Dolomite peaks.

Picco di Vallandro

Hike up to the Biella Mountain Hut

4 h | 13 km | Difficult | Departure from Lake Braies

According to legend, the Croda del Becco is not only a majestic peak, but also the secret gateway to the Kingdom of Fanes. It is said that on the night of the summer solstice the blind Queen of Fanes will emerge, and announce the restoration of her lost kingdom. Is it the legend that enchants us, or is it the extraordinary scenery? Who knows, but you will get a better idea as you hike up to Rifugio Biella, set in such an idyllic location.

Prato Piazza-Malga Cavallo

4:30 h | 6.3 km | Medium | Departure from the Prato Piazza car park

Starting from the imposing Prato Piazza plateau, the route takes you through alpine meadows and along some exposed paths up to the Cavallo mountain hut, set in an idyllic position. The limestone crags of the Dolomites frame the landscape, providing a delightful contrast.

Prato Piazza

Hike on the Sasso del Signore

5 h | 9.9 km | Difficult | Lake Braies car park

The hike on the Sasso del Signore is certainly very varied: down below, you can see the shining water of Lake Braies, while during the hike you'll encounter some steep rock formations, fields of scree and sharp slopes. However, this demanding hike holds some wonderful surprises: all your efforts are worthwhile in the end! At 2,447 metres, the landscape opens out and the breathtaking views defy not only the capacity of your camera, but also your ability to put your feelings into words ...

Winter hike to Prato Piazza

3 h | 15.5 km | Medium | Departure from Turmchalet or Ponticello

What would winter be without a hike through the enchanting snowy landscape? So, put on your winter boots and go, right into the heart of this pure white setting! If you think ahead, can rent a sled at the Alpine Natur Hotel Brückele and toboggan down the slope after your hike - and after a quick break at the Prato Piazza mountain hut.

Prato Piazza

Climbing on the Forcella Kirchler


Starting from the Prato Piazza car park, you can get to Forcella Kirchler in about an hour and 30 minutes. Take advantage of the climb to warm up, because the climbing sections that follow are very demanding. The slope on these Dolomite rock walls is really quite steep. More experienced climbers can choose between 20-30 routes, including routes with different rope lengths, and with levels of difficulty ranging from 6a to 7c.

Brunstriedl mountain bike trip

3:30 h | 27.7 km | Medium | Untergasse, Braies

From Braies, follow the marked forest trails up to the saddle between Brunstriedl and Cima Pra' della Vacca. After another 700 m, you'll get to the Brunstriedl hills at a height of 2,028 m, and in good weather you'll be tempted to linger and enjoy the landscape.

Mountain bike trip to Passo Foresta and Giogo di Montecroce

6 h | 46.5 km | Difficult | Turmchalet

This interesting ride takes you through the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites. From Lake Braies, you cycle up to the Foresta mountain hut, and then across the Val Foresta up to the pass of the same name. You continue to the Giogo di Montecroce and ride through the beautiful pastures of the Val Fojedora; then finally from the Furcia Pass you get to Valdaora.


«Kneipp für mich®» village


The Villabassa spa complex is a place to relax, linger and, of course, follow the Kneipp path. The park offers various treatments you can try on your own, based on the teachings of Sebastian Kneipp. These include the arm bath, facial bath, water walk, dew walk, barefoot path and open air inhalatorium (graduated system).




In addition to the Messner Mountain Museum Corones, Plan de Corones has recently added another attraction: LUMEN, a unique museum of mountain photography, opened its doors in 2018. The museum has a display area of about 1,800 m², spread over four floors, and allows you to see mountain photography in a completely new way, with the Room of Mirrors, the Adrenaline exhibition, the Room of Miracles and the Wall of Fame. A special highlight is the giant shutter, which opens and closes in an interactive manner, capturing the impressive view over the mountain landscape.

Castel Monguelfo


The design of this castle is often described as rare or unusual. Among experts it is known as a "core castle". It was built in 1126 by order of the brothers Schwikher and Otto von Welsperg, members of one of the noblest families in Tyrol. The castle complex is definitely worth a visit, and is open from July to October. It's about a 10-minute walk from the village of Monguelfo. You can follow the 2.5 km long circular route, which takes you right up to the castle. The extended version of this path, known as "Great Castle Circuit", also takes you past the ruins of Castel Torre.

Castel Monguelfo

Ski areas

3 Cime Dolomiti ski area

How do you fancy 115 km of slopes and 5 mountains interlinked by ski trails? The 3 Peaks Dolomites ski area gives you all this: Mount Elmo, the Orto del Toro, Croda Rossa, Passo Monte Croce and Col d'la Tenda are all connected to each other and offer you endless fun on the slopes. But there are also many other attractions, such as the only reindeer farm in Italy (Croda Rossa), or the "Holzriese", Italy's steepest ski slope, with its challenging 72 % gradient. Ready for a special adventure?

Plan de Corones ski area

The Plan de Corones ski resort, better known as "South Tyrol's No. 1 ski area", will delight you with its 119 km of slopes, 32 ultra-modern ski lifts, five black slopes (the "Black Five") and trail with links to the Sellaronda. The ski area can be easily reached free of charge with the Val Pusteria Ski Express.

SellarondaSki area Plan de Corones

Cortina d’Ampezzo ski area

With 120 km of slopes, 38 ultra-modern ski lifts, and 13 black runs, this resort is also a skiing hot spot, because ever since the Winter Olympics of 1956, it has hosted important international sporting events every year. Indeed, it will be the venue for the Alpine Ski World Championships in 2021.

Braies ski area

This ski area is smaller than the others, and ideal for families and beginners: the Sonnleitn and Kameriot ski lifts take you to a well-run, sunny resort with just over 3 km of slopes. Children can have fun in the playgrounds, and with the magic carpets and snow slides.

Cross-country skiing near Braies

  • Untergasse - Segheria 2.4 km | Easy
  • Untergasse - San Vito 7.4 km | Medium
  • San Vito - Lake Braies 3 km | Medium
  • Segheria - Waidach 3.4 km | Medium
  • Segheria - Braies Vecchia 3.4 km | Medium
  • Segheria - Ponticello 5.8 km | Medium
  • Prato Piazza circuit 5.2 km | Easy

Ski mountaineerings

Ski mountaineering

Ski mountaineering to the Crepe di Val Chiara

6 h | 46.5 km | Difficult | Departure from the Turmchalet in Braies

The Crepe di Val Chiara are also known as the "Great Pyramid". From here, you can enjoy a fantastic scenic view of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, the Cristallo group, the Croda Rossa d'Ampezzo, the Croda del Becco and the Tauern Alps.

Ski mountaineering Lake Braies - Col de Riciogogn

5 h | 15.7 km | Medium | Departure from the Lake Braies car park

What makes ski mountaineering such fun? The sunshine, the fresh snow, and above all the pristine white landscape of the Dolomites. In the right conditions (check the weather reports for avalanches!), the Col de Riciogogn offers you an amazing climb. However, the final slope is steep and exposed and should be tackled with care. Your efforts will be rewarded by the stunning views, and the feeling of happiness that will fill you before you start the descent.

Trip from Lake Braies - San Vigilio

Medium | Departure from the Lake Braies car park

This ski tour takes you straight to high altitude and into the heart of the Braies Dolomites. Outline of route: Lake Braies - Val Foresta with Malga Foresta - Hunters' hut - Malga dei Colli Alti - Giogo di Montecroce - ascent to Punta Tre Dita - Val di Fojedöra - descent to San Vigilio di Marebbe. You can take a bus from San Vigilio back to your starting point.

Ski mountaineering Lake Braies

Turmchalet Winter Services

  • Ski room
  • Public ski bus stop right in front of the hotel