Ambience & feeling - philosophy and host family

The new Turmchalet:
a change of perspective


Everything is connected. The initials T and C form part of an interwoven design inspired by the play of colours in nature, by the shades of the water of Lake Braies and of the three towers - a distinguishing feature of our hotel right from the start. They symbolise connection, strength, stability and security.


The new spirit of our times: the courage to move forward

Contemporary design and amazing scenery come together in a harmonious blend, rooted in the unique world of the Dolomites. Architectural features from the past have been used to create new spaces. The big picture windows and the winter garden bring the natural world indoors, while the balconies and roof terrace give you really close-up views of the mountains. A perfect combination of old and new, using the best of tradition and modernity.


"We hope our guests will have a memorable and carefree stay here with us, recalling not only our hotel and all its many facets, but also the wonderful and unique Braies Valley."

The Neumair Family: Angelika, Renate and Letizia


[A desire for genuine hospitality, without any worries, a time for yourself and your loved ones. In a special place, where you will feel at home. A place to be completely at ease.]

Your new favourite spot

  • For relaxing and enjoying undiluted pleasure
    Come and sit comfortably in front of the fire, on the terrace or in the winter garden, and enjoy a steaming cup of hot chocolate or a glass of excellent wine. The atmosphere during dinner is casual and informal. Sit back and relax.
    The best anti-stress programme.
  • Just drink it all in
    Sit by the old oriel in the third tower and enjoy the view through the new picture window.
  • Rest and enjoy being pampered
    On stormy autumn days, let go of stress in the whirlpool bath or sauna, or snuggle up in our relaxation room on the new roof terrace, admiring the amazing views through the picture windows.
  • Fall in love and linger a while
    In the morning, enjoy the view from your bed or the large balcony and look forward to a wonderful day ahead.

Happiness cannot be bought.

But you can feel completely at ease at the Turmchalet, which is more or less the same thing.

Hot chocolate