Lake Braies in the Dolomites in South Tyrol

Known as the pearl of the Dolomite lakes

An enchanting place.
Explore the legendary kingdom of the Fanes.

The Dolomite region has many lakes, but Lake Braies is certainly one of the most beautiful. The crystal-clear water, in myriad shades of green and blue, is framed by the imposing peaks of the Sasso del Signore, the Croda del Becco and Monte Nero, producing a truly magical setting. The lake was originally formed when a mudslide descended from the Sasso del Signore and created a natural dam.

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A place that has made history

The lake features prominently in books of local fables, because of the old belief that on the southern shore of the lake, beneath the Croda del Becco, there is a gateway to the underworld and the subterranean kingdom of the Fanes. It is no coincidence that the Croda del Becco is also known as the "Sass dla Porta", or "Stone Gateway". Lake Braies not only appears in legends, but also on TV: it has featured in the Italian series "Un Passo dal Cielo" (One Step from Heaven), which stars such famous names as Terence Hill.

Lake Braies

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Lake Braies (Braies Valley)

  • Only 6.5 km to Lake Braies
  • Accessible by bike (recommended), on foot, by bus or by car
  • Happiness on the peaks of the Croda del Becco and the Sasso del Signore
  • Curling and ice climbing


  • After 30-40 minutes of effort and about a 300-metre change in level, you finally made it! You have to leave your bike when you get to the lake, because the lake circuit is just for walkers. But walking is always enjoyable - and particularly so here!
  • It takes ninety minutes to walk from our hotel to Lake Braies.
  • From 10/07/2020 to 10/09/2020, seats on the shuttles have to be booked and paid for online.
  • Access to the lake is limited during the summer, but as a guest at our hotel you will receive a special permit that entitles you to travel around the Braies Valley. In any event, we recommend you visit Lake Braies either before 9:00 a.m. or after 3:00 p.m. in the peak season. For more information, visit the website.